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Whoverse Icon Search

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Come Here To Search For Your Perfect Whoverse Art
Have you spent hours looking for an icon from a certain episode of Torchwood but can't find one you like?

Do you remember seeing a specific Doctor/Rose banner but can no longer find it?

Or do you have a Sarah Jane icon and you don't know who to credit it to?

If so then this is the comm for you.

Things you can ask for:

* Specific piece of artwork
- a specific icon/banner/gif/etc that you have lost and now cannot find.

e.g. I've seen a Doctor icon from "The Unicorn and The Wasp," with the words, "The Doctor Approves" on it but I don't remember where I saw it. Does anybody know where I can find it?

* Broad request - a more general request for artwork.

e.g. I'm looking for some animations of Jack and Ianto dancing from Something Borrowed. Can anybody tell me where I can find one?

* Credit request - for when you already have that perfect piece of artwork but aren't sure who made it.

e.g. I have this Sarah Jane banner as my Livejournal header but I don't remember where I got it from. Does anybody knoe who made it so I can give credit. (Please include either a link or use can use your display picture if trying to find credit for an icon.)

* Custom artwork - for when you've got a screencap or just a general idea for your perfect piece of Whoverse artwork.

(Please make sure that you have permission to use any images you link to. Anybody found asking for edits to icons made by other people will be given a warning and then banned if the offence is repeated!)

e.g. I have this picture of the TARDIS and would love if it could be turned into an icon with my username on. Could anybody help me?

Other general rules:

* Please tag your posts, all of which can be found here. If you would like to request a tag then please leave a comment here or on any of the other modposts.

* This is a whoverse community so please only search for artwork from Doctor Who (Classic and New), Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

* Please wait a minimum of two weeks before repeating any unanswered requests.

* If your request is found/completed then please edit your post saying found and add the *found tag.

* This is a search comm so please don't place links to your own artwork here.

* If you would like to affiliate with this comm please leave a comment here.

Got a comment or suggestion? Then either email me at pinkfairy727@livejournal.com or leave a comment on one of my modposts.

Finally, play nicely and remember to thank people who help :c)